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We bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a wonderful honor to have you as our guest.

Mt. Olive finds its purpose in being a place where the love of God is not just talked about, but also felt and shown. Our mission is to be instrumental in saving souls for the Lord. Our goal is to share the good news of the gospel with those who are unaware of the dreaded plague in their body, their sinful nature. They have been in critical condition since the inception of it, which shall lead to grave consequences if repentance is not made.

God’s Word has withstood the tests of time. Many have tried to destroy it, deprive us of it, and have even attempted to defraud God’s creation by giving worthless tales of other means of help, which are man made and demonically influenced. They make great fiction novels and should be good sources of entertainment at best, but will not do anything to offer an antidote to fight the deep-rooted sinful nature in all men. Seeing that man has failed to cure the sin problem, which has corrupted the blood, it proves that the Holy Bible is the inerrant, infallible, flawless, and therefore the only hope of mankind. It offers the cure through the blood of Jesus. Inoculation is now available.

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Thank you for your patronage and we pray that you enjoy your visit.

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